Happy May Day!


Whew, that was some April. Many thanks for following me on my 2015 NaPoWriMo adventure! Many thanks for reading! Many thanks for liking my posts! Many thanks for the feedback! It really means a lot!

The best part of this month was the special, surreal surprise at the very end of it! I opened my e-mail on April 30 and received a featured participant mention on the site! The mention was for my poem, “Lighthouses.” Yay!

Many of you know that while I was writing this blog, I was also adding to another for another poetry challenge, 30×30. Hope you also check out my poems from that collection, Perihelion Strategies.

This May, I’m attempting Story A Day – which, instead of a poem a day, is a challenge to write a short story a day, everyday, for May. I did NaPoWriMo to understand poetry a little more, I hope Story A Day will help hone my skills at prose. Please join me at Red Indica, my blog for Story A Day 2015.

Like my previous writing challenge blogs, I plan to archive and password protect my two poetry collections by the end of May, and my Story A Day 2015 collection by the end of June.

Until next year! Many thanks again for reading!

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